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Friday, July 6, 2012

Road trip Planning 2012

When opportunity knocks, will you be ready to answer the door? Beginning in May, around a gathering of folks from work, it was mentioned that a member of the group was relocating the family to New Hampshire to be closer to extended family.  They sold the house in Beaverton and bought a new one back east.  Initially they were all going to fly, then reality (:>) hit- what it takes to transport 3 pets and adults via the air-thus they decided to drive.  All arrangements had been made for moving the house contents to the new location and once again, the thought of driving almost 3,200 miles by themselves seemed overwhelming-but a fellow member of the group suggested a person who may be able to help. This is where my involvement began.

With my AAA card in hand, off to the office we went to begin the process of arranging accommodations and travel route.  Our departure date was set for June 18th.....then July 9th....FINALLY....July 11th!! (Yes, we have made 3 trips to AAA to "fix" our accommodations).  Let the adventure begin.  My spouse will be keeping the house under control and making sure my dahlia's are watered and kept free of invading varmints while I participate in the road trip.  The travels will be captured in photos (aka "wallpaper machine" according to my sister) so keep watching for updates to this blog in the coming weeks.

Very true!!

July 11th:  Departure Day 

Day 1:  bags are packed, maps are loaded into the GPS, let the adventures unfold.  The morning sunrise was extremely bright and reflect the results of the smoke arriving from overseas (at least that is what the local news reporter shared).

Weird Sights of the Day

Strangest "sight" of the day was:  3 real horses standing on an island in the middle of a body of water-not to mention the truck driver using elbows to motor the 18 wheeler on the freeway (that's kinda scary)   followed by the guy riding his motorbike with his hands in the air.

New Game Created

We have arrived at the first night in Idaho, will be repacking the vehicle in the morning to make for smoother transitions when walking animals and rotating drivers.  Interesting game was created as we started noting the "entering county of" signs.  We decided to make a "best guess" as to how many counties we went thru in a day, the person closest, gets to choose first.  Today's count was 8 (Washington, Multnomah, Hood, Marrow, Umatilla, Adams, Lincoln, Spokane).  Will be moving some pictures from the mobile device to the computer sometime this week and update pictures. Left the wallpaper machine packed for today.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring.  Stay tuned.

Today's count was 8!!  (3 states, 8 counties)

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