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Monday, July 2, 2012

Recent Travels

Mt. Bailey-Diamond Lake

Mt. Hood taken from Wildlife Refuge Westside
June brought a few opportunities to capture some photo's of Mt. Hood before all the clouds gathered followed by a few days fishing at Diamond Lake.

Jackson's Diamond Lake homestead turn to catch a derby fish *my wife catches a fish that had 2 green tags-called and found out it was worth $100!!!
 Boy was it good eats for lunch!

Diamond Lake GREAT fishing hole!

1st catch of season-notice green tag....Diamond Lake $$$ derby fish sponsored by Blackhawk Grocery...
Way to go girl!!
Quite the view...

I'm ready...boys are too!!
OK...this camping thing is NOT me.
Yippee...I can explore!

I know there is something in here for ME!

Dragonfly nymphs were everywhere!!
Nymphs were crawling out of  the lake and would find a  spot.
They grass blades were thick with nymphs..even my camp chair
had one!!  Sorry...didn't have my camera with me:<

We happen to be in time for the migration of the dragonfly nymphs to emerge from the lake
transforming before our eyes.

Leaving the nymph skeleton behind
Pumping fluids into abdomen and wings preparing for flight

Mature dragonfly preparing for first flight.
NOTE:  ALL dragonfly pictures were downloaded from Google images-when I took my wallpaper machine to capture the actual area the next morning...I discovered that EVERYTHING from the activity area observed the day before was GONE!!!  I was very, very sad...but what a life experience to observe this process while waiting for the fish to bite.
Storm brewing-of course this is when the fish start biting!!!

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