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Monday, September 8, 2008

Celebrate What's Right In The World Reflections

Opportunities present themselves in our lives on a daily basis. How we choose to act or react is dependent on our personal perspectives of the situation. As we "peer" into the window of life, we are confronted with seeing what we want to see, we must challenge ourselves to be patient and "see" new possibilities that are right in front of us. The powerful video "Celebrate What's Right in the World" drives home the notion that by changing how we choose to look at something, with patience, opens new visions and capitalize on experiencing the beauty that is "beneath" the skin (so to speak).

Two most noteworthy concepts:
  1. A simple shift in our thinking opens our mind to endless possibilities and experiences.
  2. Keeping a positive attitude/perspective allows inner beauty of a situation to reveal itself in new and wonderful ways.

In our ever changing "virtual" landscape it is important to stop and "view" things a little more indepth and not just at the surface of what we "see".