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Friday, July 20, 2012

Portland, Maine Cape Elizabeth

Portland Head @ Cape Elizabeth

Pretty blooms
Peaceful trees

My solo  "chariot"
These were EVERYWHERE we went

My ONLY picture in Boston!
Cool wheels in parking lot

Welcoming cry from above
Local Church in Portland, Maine

Bells can be heard from afar

Building details are abundant in the area

Just interesting granite rocks
Osprey chilling in the bay

Coming HOME chariot!!

The last 9 days on the road from the west to the east have providing many memories and photos.  This was a trip of a lifetime!!  A few "must do" items to remember while traveling:
  • ALWAYS check for paper in stalls before matter how BAD you need to go.
  • DAVE is known to take you for "bird walks" when you are trying to get from point A to point B (quickly).
  • U-TURNS can occur ANYWHERE...even if it's posted that they aren't allowed.
  • WHEN ordering food for a group in a fast food establishment....CHECK the contents prior to leaving to avoid going back in a downpour or finding upon arrival that you do not have everything that you ordered (or better yet-don't have me order for a group at a fast food facility).
  • YES a person CAN wear the same outfit for 6-8 days...thank goodness for washing machines.
NEVER attempt to post on a blog using airport free WiFi after you have created a large amount of content.

Coming Back to Reality

I can not believe I have been out of the metro area for almost ten days.  Today I will venture down along the coast of Maine, New Hampshire and finally arrive in Boston to prepare to fly back (no, I am not doing a return "road trip" by car this time).  Yesterday was incredible as I capture the Flume and waterfall for my sisters.  My focus for the day is lighthouses, coastline and maybe Fenway Park (it is a century old now)-just hope it doesn't jink my Mariner's or bring bad juju to others who know who they are.  My body has experienced 4, 051 miles with another hundred or so left to travel and 2 miles on foot doing the Flume-the family Farm in New Hampshire of the family I have been staying with is incredible and the views are breathtaking-it has been a wonderful "refueling of my soul".  Many thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts and safe travels, it obviously worked.  I am going to post just a few picture right now, but really need to get "on the road" to finish capturing "must do" photos of lighthouses for my sisters.

Here are the photos:  lots of them just to give you something after the long dry spell due to lack of having connections, the "wallpaper machine" was in overdrive!!!  Ok, time to leave, I have had to get a new key made for my accommodations because I have not adjusted to traveling solo.  Getting ready to fire up "DAVE" and see what I can find interesting today.  OK new folks who traveled with me on this journey...stop laughing.

Sunset in Canterbury, New Hampshire July 18th

Sights along the Rim Ridge hike thru the Flume

Shaker Village at dusk July 18th