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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Images from June - December 2013

Little did I know when growing up in Orick
The last 6 months provided many special occasions to enjoy special events, people and environments and the re-discovery of photo's taken but not really "forgotten", but have brought them here to share with those reading this post:

Nothing like a fresh coating of snow on a John Deere
Pompous Grass along Redwood Creek jetty

Mr. Seagull hanging out at the Humboldt Bay docks
Liz/Rick/Wilson at Observatory

New waterfall discovery along Hwy 20
Thanksgiving roasted bird 2013

The elusive elk that the boys can not seem to find during the many trips they have taken in November, or so they say??

I wonder what my sister is thinking about here, days gone by or adventures yet to be had.

Good thing this establish walls can not talk, the stories they could reveal, such a "blast" of good times from the past.  (unfortunately, it is no longer in business, but the sign remains)

Interesting "fungi"

Katie (Left) & Ann (Right)
Celebrating together Christmas Day
First time in 7 years without having to work!!

Josh hard at work restoring a John Deere tractor

The endeared Manure Spreader from Grandma Schechla's 
Josh n Barbara on 4th of July 2013

Tractors, Black Lab (Annie) and Josh, a few of my favorite things
This was taken before other additions to family (dogs, wives, husbands, children)

Josh preparing to drive in Brooks parade (John Deere BW)

Ah...what a special day that was

What a special picture to arrive in my "inbox"

Spent many hours combing this beach-watching the ocean in my childhood with my mom and siblings/friends
Yup, she wanted a 'Smurf" cake for her 45th

Famous "circle of fame", I stood on this piece of flooring
at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, where many, many
famous country singers have also performed.
The "original" hardwood floor pieces from the 1st Grand Ole Opry

"Goat" rock, what my mom called it, in the fog

Flying over the Grand Canyon on the way back from Nashville, TN

Took a Showboat dinner cruise on the General Jackson paddle boat, experienced the nightlife from the river of downtown Nashville, TN-what incredible sights and sounds were experienced by all.
Looks like a fried egg, but it's an interesting fungus
Had to take this picture from the front yard, amazing

Yes, I finished my Ph.D. and went to DisneyWorld

Entrance to Grand Ole Opry house in Nashville, TN
took a backstage tour to boot!!

Festus waiting for guests to arrive

Barbara loves her bowling outtings n summer fun.

Decorating her 45th Birthday cake!!

Enjoying the log in the fog at Dry Lagoon Beach

Part of the fleet from the rearview perspective

Meeting Great Nephew for 1st time

Hanging with Barley at the Hops game

Barbara meeting Reggie during Hillsboro Hops game 

Some of the "running" Deere

Daughter Ann's Penquin tree 2013

Sweet Gum in Fall colors

Plantinum Blonde showing off
Nancy & Barbara on the Frazier Falls trail out of GrayEagle, CA

Hey Gramps, what's up????

Dahlia Dig 2013

Nothing like the gift of time and muscle power during the late Fall season to spend the day digging over 200 plants of dahlia tubers, washing, putting in trays and hauling to the storage shed to winter over for spring.  I can hardly wait for spring 2014 to arrive so they can participate in the "Planting Party" to put them back in the ground, plus the extra 50 + new tubers I have on order to arrive in March!!!
In full bloom

Bucket full of pleasure

Pretty Petticoat Pink

Pleasant eye candy for sure

Princess Pinelands

Oakleigh "resting up" for the big dig!!

Rick "pitching in"

Let the digging party begin

Final days of blooming 2013

Front bed "dug", 2 more to go

Josh tenderly removing the tubers

Meg cutting the stalks

Mrytle's Folly 

The kids working hard getting the 2nd bed done

Mr. Rick ready to go!!

Oakleigh waiting to play

Annie wants the play frisbee

Bison ready to haul the trays to storage

Future tractor restoration project....John Deere "L"