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Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 3: Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota

Sights on the High Plains

Black Hills

Notice the fire impact on the right, Yup, that is the road we have traveled .

Sturgis sign above the town.

Firehouse used to be a Bill's Bowling 

Just had to take this picture.

Downtown Sturgis...

Downtown Rapid City, South Dakota

Flowers blooming at Mt. Rushmore
The road just kept appearing in front of us.
Seeing this was the highlight of my day!!

While our travels were fairly short in terms of miles driven, we have been in 3 states and have had some exciting times which I will share soon, but it is growing late and we need to once again re-pack the rig in the morning due to the roof rack having an best get a good nights sleep.

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