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Saturday, December 28, 2013

What...6 months since last post??

How quickly time passes when you are having FUN!!  Why does it take a "break from work" to realize how far behind you may have gotten on keeping up with postings and "doing" something with the many images captured during the adventure with LIFE!!  Well, time to bring followers up to date on the events of the last 6 months starting with:

Alexander Jackson (4/11/13) aka Little "A"/Zander/Bubba/Alex/Monkey/???
Gramm's are special indeed

Gramps is pretty cool dude

Meeting cousin Henry

My Mommy is Special too!!

Napping with Rocky

Let's read NOW!

Grams is going to Nashville, TN 

October 2013 PumpkinPatch

I found these things all by myself

Nothing like crawling

Little "A" LOVES books

Finally I get to play with the paper

Uncle Josh taking me for a walk

Another perspective, look he walks like me, but I at least keep from walking on my pant legs unlike my Uncle!!
Helping myself to the frig
Wonders of Season 2013
My 6 month parent graduation
It seems it was just yesterday I was busy pruning trees waiting for this little guy to make his appearance outside the womb, now 8+ months later he is pulling himself up, walking with assistance and crawling to beat the band!!!  Of course, he is jabbering up a storm too!!

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