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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cool Things That Happen 2006-2007 Online

Watching students enter a course and navigate a variety experiences which resulted in the successful completion of the online experience. A number of students were finally successful in producing incredible writing and sharing their work with others. I was amazed at the number of activities they are engaged in while attempting to attend school and finish online courses and how they feel once they have finished. One student has always struggled with literature and compositions and found the supportive environment of online learning to allow them to take risks and achieve success.

The shock a few of my students had when they learned that I was aware of life in rural areas and the connection of riding horses, motor bikes, skateboards, rodeo's, gymnastics-I think this helped them "connect". As for antique tractors I was amazed at how many students understood the names and ages of these old pieces of iron.


teacherbarm said...

I agree. It's always fun when you can shock the kids into seeing that you are, in fact, human and have a life outside of school.

And you must, must, must watch Napoleon Dynamite! Then you'll understand what I say.... :)

VirSions said...


It's great that the tractors have been a connection for you and your students!

What about calling your blog "Ferris Wheels"?


Linda said...

Virginia, what a cute thought. Bet there are also other places in life Liz could apply that name.