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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Found My Blog-Finally

Nothing like being a little "behind" in getting back on track with my blog!! A little over a month and we will be gathering for our summer session of sharing ideas and setting the "bar" for the new year. It was exciting to see how Rob has integrated and collaborated in putting the action and purpose together by having students create the instructional lesson for the first graders. Sharing ideas and information demonstrates the power of the technological advances. Now to proceed to follow the "lead" in the development of course content.

The Ferris family has added another "member" but this time it is a 1944 Ford 2N. It was my dad's and a friend of the family decided to honor my mom's wishes and give it back to the Schechla side. Josh and Rick went to California on Saturday and retrieved it. It will be nice to have it up and running. Josh plans to use it to landscape his backyard in Lebanon.