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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2012 Dahlia Season

My sister gave me a start of the hydrangea in CA I had given my mom for mother's day in 1978-while I have taken many starts in the years since, I could never get one to take...but she had the magic touch, here is the evidence.  
OK.... varmints keep out of these flower beds!!

Rick reviewing his "honey..please do" activities (fill bird feeders, mow the lawn, make sure the varmints do not eat the tubers!).  
Ah....finally some much needed water.

Just finished placing the watering system with the help of a great friend, Diane.  I had a few holes in my beds, so we filled them with extra tubers from her stash.  Sure hope we have some nice blooms in a few months.  So far, this bed does not have evidence of unwelcome underground visitors (aka gophers/voles).

Colorado dahlia's & raised bed..awesome gift from Josh n Meg.

Here comes the city!

My camera was in need of some additional options for lenses, so I got a new set up and took a few pictures to make sure it still works so here are a few photos of the four-legged children hanging out:

Wilson on guard

Festus checking for light leaks.
Chester doing "chair" work.

Wilson keeping an eye on things.
Pickles "on-duty"...really?

Pickles making sure the dahlia's feel protected and cared for.

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