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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Reflections of June 26th

This has been a "packed" day full of new and not so new technologies. The exciting parts involved using and solving the Cmaps and Mind Meister tools. Integrating the concepts of VOCAL and working collaboratively with others in creating an online "real time" responses. Working with our departments and colleagues on looking at courses and figuring out new ways to enrich and enhance the content is priceless. It is very exciting to be in the same boat with others who share a common vision and seek the best in finding ways to increase student success.


Linda said...

Who says you are a blog beginner?? Love the picture (they still drive me crazy and you get them the first day). Glad to be "in the boat" with you!

JoAnn Rachor said...

Love the way you have tied together such divergent parts of this inservice with the picture and final comment. I am happy to be in the same boat with you.