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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Warm-Up: Article Reactions

Why teach project based learning? Engaging students in active content allows them to integrate a variety of skill sets within a core subject seamlessly. The students do not feel overwhelmed with managing a lot of different core subject(s) because it is contained within.

According to the article, students will go more in-depth and be more engaged with the learning process and thus have a vibrant "real" experience. Projects are relavant, foster organizational skills and interpersonal relationships which are critical for lifelong learning and employment. In a nutshell, the learning experience is enriched and enhanced because it allows a collaboration of fellow students to develop ideas to levels not even available 5-10 years ago.

TAG response:

I feel that "games" sometimes are given a bad rap because we are using an "adult" perspective on a "child's" experience. As adults, we have a black and white with little areas of "gray" outlook on what is work and play. Kids at play are truly working on development of the social interaction skills necessary to cooperative with others. How many times as adults do we find ourselves getting sidetracked with interpersonal issues in the workplace? Is this a result of not "playing" enough as a child? Kids are more receptive and flexible when it comes to learning the ropes of working with others.

We live in a technological enriched environment depending on the geographical location within the state and nation. It is hard to believe folks in outlying areas are still dealing with dial-up connections when we are high speed. Awareness and tolerance, allowance for these differences must remain in the back of our activity generating minds.
Kids have a lot of tools/game stations (i.e., Wii, Playstation, Ninetendo, etc.) available that as educators we need to capitalize on. The use of "virtual" environments on a variety of platforms puts the experiences in an arena that kids do not realize all the skills they are learning while thinking it is "play" or downtime. I refer to it as the "backdoor" experience.

Monday, June 23, 2008


What does it mean to have 21st Century Skills?

Access to information at the touch/tap/moment!! Flexibility and thinking outside of how life “used to be” to fit with the availability of incredible tools that students have grown up with and expect. Never being “closed”, the technology is always “on” thus a person could be constantly “in touch” and available or the expectation that you are. The technology is a forward moving trend thus making a person a lifelong learner.

The skills needed would be having the ability to discern what is essential and how to seek the right tools to fit the need. Knowing how to find what you need and matching tools with tasks needing to be accomplished or completed. The desire to use whatever technology is available to connect with others.

4 years later

March 1, 2008

Atlanta, Georgia

Capella University Graduation Ceremony

Dr. Elizabeth Jean Schechla-Ferris