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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Never Too Much Mother Nature!!!

Summer 2013 is off to an interesting start with travels to familiar and unfamiliar locations.  I have not taken the time to explore side roads along Highway 89 until  now, so enjoy some new pictures of recent days.  Of course, the weather has been cool while I was out of the metro area and now that I have returned, someone is turning the heat up...dang it!!!  Oh well, at least it is cool for today...
Mommy is 30 already!!!
I'm exhausted Gramm's!!!

1963 "Ruby"

"Ruby" this isn't's my sisters!!

Burney Falls 2013

Another view of falls
Background information

Heading for the big drop off of Burney Falls

McCloud River Falls (Lower, Middle, Upper)
Lower Falls
Another view of the Lower Falls
A view from the top of the Middle Falls

Background information of Middle Falls

Middle Falls, McCloud River
Relaxing eye candy!!!

Who says water is harmless??

Tree roots grown around rocks!!

Upper Falls information

Upper Falls

Another view of Upper Falls

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Re-Charging The Soul

After the close of the academic school year, it was time to change things up from the daily routines and go exploring.  My first stop was to participate in the Women's National Championship Bowling in Reno, Nevada.  Reno isn't what I remembered when we spent our honeymoon nearly 35 years ago but enjoyed seeing the changes.  The bowling was a lot of fun, but was ready to climb in the car and head to the Lake Almanor area of Northern California.  After a much needed multi-mile "nature walk" here are a few pictures captured.  While I am sad that no Bald Eagles were spotted, the remaining water fowl were enjoyable to watch and "capture":
Osprey checking from above

Pelican in flight, gorgeous
Proud family of geese

Follow the Leader!!

Crow being chased by English Starling

Interesting sign!!

leaf collection in marsh

Old barn amid the open field
Find the bird and bug?

Don't know the plant, but love the picture!!!

Patriotic Fly Fishing Shop!!

Never get tired of seeing Mt. Lassen

Pelican just chilling' on the lake

Coming in for a better look at what I was doing