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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garden Magic

While I was out of town, wonderful people (Meg & Rick) prepared my dahlia beds.  Once the ground was ready, they proceeded to plant ALL of the tubers.  Of course, the four-legged family (Annie, Oakleigh, Pickles and Wilson) supervised the process making sure the "special formula" was applied correctly.  Although I did notice some rather large craters in the special Colorado raised bed-probably Doakie chasing the frisbee.

Pictures taken while the folks worked on the homefront:
Ah...this is the life!
What can I eat next?

Hey, wanna fly?

Nothing like a good stretch!!

Just doing my "dance"
Very bright!!

I'm watching YOU!

I am happy!!

Found the Big Horn sheep.... at the zoo

Exploring the Denver Zoo turned into a long journey.  On a map, it looks rather small and thought we would just need a couple of hours-WRONG!! After six hours and many pictures later, we finally finished exploring ALL the exhibits.  Unlike the Oregon Zoo, the habitats allowed you the experience for a very "up close and personal" interactions with the displays.  The Big Horn sheep herd within the Rocky Mountain National Park typically wonder through on almost a daily basis a specific area, unfortunately during our stay at the park they were being bashful-so it was exciting to see them at the Denver Zoo.
My better profile

African bird
Are you done with that photo yet?

Please come see me @ Denver Zoo

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