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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Road Trip Day 5: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana

Day 5:  Wow, it is exhausting traveling 4 states in one day!!  As you can tell now that I have my "wallpaper" machine working overtime, the text is minimal, it is my hope that details will be forthcoming in the days ahead.  Traffic has picked up dramatically and traveling thru Chicago was quite the experience.  Nothing like have jet planes right in front of you.  The cityscape of Chicago was a first time experience for the passengers.  

Here are a few pictures from the day:
Morning sunrise (Albert Lea, Minnesota)
The warming sun, and ground fog are an interesting sight
The elder in the car wanted this photo

Such a cutie!

Lunch at Lake Wisconsin

Lake Wisconsin 
Curious totem

A pageant our hotel..she just won!!

Norte Dame Campus
Norte Dame statue of Jesus

We were blessed by an incredible sunrise and many sights and sounds of the beauty around us.  Everyone is getting "into" the routine, and today was a record departure.  We are keeping track of the counties as we pass thru them and making our predictions first thing in the morning.

Day 6 is going to start in Indiana and end in New York-hoping to take in Niagara Falls from the US side of the border.  We have traveled 2,500 miles in 5 days...the ultimate destination is just around the corner.  May the rest of the trip be just as enjoyable.
Arose with the sun, and ended the evening with attending mass on the campus of Norte Dame church.

Miles of these in Wisconsin

What story do you think this reflects?

Peaceful tree grove, the bird sounds were abundant.
Farms and windmills were plentiful and pleasing to the eye.

 Great stop!!
The road ahead of us....all day!!
Mississippi River
Not sure this is accurate!!

Corn fields and these signs are everywhere!!

For my quilt friends

The toll booths are numerous, thought we wouldn't have to deal with it by purchasing a iPass at an Oasis, of course, the booths are not open on the weekends!!!..  Our accommodations were much to be desired and starting off with all participants lacking adequate sleep, makes for a very interesting day.  

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